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Juice Galaxy is a surrealistic action-adventure indie game developed and published by Fishlicka. It was first released on on March 19, 2020 for free, and is likely to get a release on Steam once completed.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Juice Galaxy is a happy place to fly around and smack things and drink juice. And explore things. And just, flip around doing stuff.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Although the game is currently in-development, the core gameplay appears to be that of a 3D adventure game with physics-based combat, similar to one of Fishlicka's previous titles, Schwing. The player controls their avatar from a 3rd-person camera perspective, and changing the camera position allows for the position of the player's held weapon to be adjusted. This allows for ranged weapons to be aimed, and for melee weapons to be swung into enemies. The implementation of an energy bar that depletes with the use of heavy attacks or ranged weapons gives the combat some more challenge. Defeating enemies in combat (and potentially loudly sucking their corpses) grants the player "Juice Points" to be spent at Juice Fountains, increasing the power of certain abilities.

Exploration is facilitated by the player's ability to briefly fly through the use of the Space bar while in mid-air. While initially only a brief ability, upgrades can allow the player to explore far reaches of the overworld, or into dangerous regions that hide bosses or other unique challenges. These areas will reward the player with more juice to be spent on upgrading their abilities or their weapons, as well as the potential for powerful weapons or equipment. Encountering or defeating certain bosses can also progress the game's unusual story.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the game files, the game has an unused text file displaying its first old title - Juice Planet.
  • Upon its first official release, the game was called Juice World. However, the popularity of a similarly-named rapper, Juice Wrld (pronounced "Juice World"), made it prohibitively difficult to search for the game online. This, along with the potential for legal issues, resulted in the name-change to Juice Galaxy in update 0.1.2.

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